What is Financial Wellbeing?

“A feeling of financial security can be described as positive financial wellbeing in individuals who have enough money to meet their needs and enjoy life as well.” – LegacyScore

What is Financial Wellbeing?

What is an Asset?

Assets are anything that holds value or a resource that can be converted into cash. Assets can be invested in, or owned by an individual, company, or government. Assets can generate revenue, or even generate benefits for a company. Assets are anything that holds value or a resource that can be converted into cash.

What is an asset?

Plan It Now

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Why Do You Need to Value Your Assets?

Your net worth provides a snapshot of your financial situation at this point in time. If you calculate your net worth today, you will see the end result of everything you've earned and everything...

Visualise Your Financial Wellbeing

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Building Your Property Portfolio

There’s a reason people use the phrase “as safe as houses”, as property can be one of the most lucrative investment options available. In this article we’re offering tips on how to start, build and maximise the value of your property portfolio.

Investing in Cryptocurrency

As well as property, savings, insurance policies and pensions, many LegacyScore users also own some level of cryptocurrency as part of their investment portfolios.

Cryptocurrency comes in many forms, with the most well-known being Bitcoin, Ethereum and Tether. Rather than having a physical format, cryptocurrency is entirely digital and its value is stored independently, which means it isn’t connected to governments and financial organisations such as banks.

Top Tips for Planning Your Retirement

When it comes to saving for retirement, it’s never too early to start putting aside a manageable monthly sum. Even if you’re in your twenties and your pension years are decades away, clear and consistent retirement planning is integral to ensuring that you have enough saved up to live a comfortable lifestyle.

The Importance of Life Insurance

Whilst most people will have insurance for their homes, pets, holidays and smartphones, it’s surprising how few take out life insurance. This can be a very risky way to live and many financial experts recommend having a life insurance policy in place by the time you turn 35, if not earlier.

Top tips for managing debt

Financial literacy, or being debt aware, should be a top priority because it ensures that you remain in control of your finances. Debt awareness takes two forms: having the power to stay out of debt in the first place, and knowing how to manage your finances if you owe money to organisations such as banks and loan providers.

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